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2.36 Statto Index forecast odds for the selection indicated at the top of the column. 2.25 Bookmakers Best Odds for the selection indicated at the top of the column. 7 Number of bookmakers offering joint best odds OR if only ONE, then the bookmaker as follows:
  • LAD Ladbrokes
  • WHL William Hill
  • COR Coral
  • 365 Bet365
  • PPO Paddy Power
  • BFD Betfred
  • BVC Bet Victor
  • SKY SkyBet
  • 888 888Sport
  • BFS Betfair Sport
  • SPB Sporting Bet
  • BOY Boylesports
  • BWY Betway
  • UNI Unibet
  • 188 188Bet
  • BFX Betfair
  • BDX Betdaq
  • SMX Smarkets
Saturday 5th September 2015
African Nations Cup
17:004.64.33 COR Liberia3.63.32Tunisia1.982.1 BFD 101odds
14:305.8 COR South Sudan3.75 BFD Equatorial Guinea1.67 BFD 104odds
15:003.63.25 WHL Botswana3.33.22Burkina Faso2.42.4 SMX 104odds
17:003.453 WHL Guinea-Bissau3.153.2 BFD Congo2.562.62 SMX 103odds
16:3021 SMX Sao Tome e Principe7.6 SMX Morocco1.19 BFX 102odds
14:305.96.5 BVC Tanzania3.83.6 BVC Nigeria1.761.8 WHL 99odds
14:305.25 SMX Rwanda3.753.53Ghana1.851.832103odds
14:301.672.25 WHL Burundi3.953.3 BFD Niger6.83.752101odds
14:305.75.5 BFD Namibia3.753.53Senegal1.791.75 SMX 104odds
18:003.84.5 SMX Mauritania3.33.5 BWY South Africa2.31.95 WHL 102odds
Sunday 6th September 2015
African Nations Cup
15:003.154 BFD Central African Rep3.453.3 BFD Congo DR2.562 BFD 105odds
12:303.153.1 BFD Madagascar3.353.25 BFD Angola2.62.32107odds
16:002.62.88 BFD Benin3.353.2 BFD Mali3.152.5 BFD 106odds
14:002.682.63 BFD Kenya3.13.1 BFD Zambia3.32.75 BFD 107odds
18:001.933.1 BFD Libya3.53.2 BFD Cape Verde Islands5.12.38 BFD 106odds
15:305.36.5 BFD Chad3.93.75 BFD Egypt1.81.57 BFD 106odds
12:0034.33 BFD Mauritius3.253.5 BFD Mozambique2.761.83 BFD 106odds
19:006.88 BFD Sierra Leone4.14.6 BFD Ivory Coast1.631.42106odds
14:007.4102Lesotho4.24.8 BFD Algeria1.591.332106odds
14:002.062.75 BFD Swaziland3.553.25 BFD Malawi4.42.63 BFD 105odds
14:002.442.75 BFD Zimbabwe3.43.25 BFD Guinea3.42.63 BFD 105odds
17:304.83.75 BFD Gambia3.453.25 BFD Cameroon22.05 BFD 106odds

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