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Solving that goalie quandary

I'm not sure our problem with finding a 'regular' no.1 last season was behind our failure to gain promotion from league two was it? Clearly it didn't help mind.

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Pompey's attacking intent

Something Pompey (attacking intent) will look to show next season to get out of league two once and for all. Smith came in from Swindon last week but Cookie wants another striker.

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Cushioning the blow

Much, that needed saying, about Webster's exit for Ipswich and the arrival of Clarke in return (and cash) has been said hasn't it? Doyle's been spot on with what he said.

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Milan in from Walsall?

We've not been able to use 'Milan' in connection with Pompey since we faced AC Milan a few years back. Before that Milan Mandaric but Walsall's Milan Lakovic is coming to Fratton?

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