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Cook after Wycombe

Pompey didn't 'really'; you would have to say, 'build' on the win over York? That being said a point at Wycombe would have been taken ahead of the game and definitely at two-down!

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Do us a favour Dunne!

Dagenham play Plymouth today and as much as 'what Pompey do' is the main thing with him sticking with the Daggers until January hopefully he can help them take points of Argyle!

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(No surprise) McNulty York MotM!

Having scored a hat-trick it was a virtual given Sheffield United loanee McNulty was going to be the MotM on Tuesday night and, given his performance to be fair to, he was.

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Points take priority!

That, and of course he's right, was the view of Sheffield United loanee McNulty after his midweek hat-trick that helped Pompey to a much needed - and most emphatic - 6-0 win over York.

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