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2.36 Statto Index forecast odds for the selection indicated at the top of the column. 2.25 Bookmakers Best Odds for the selection indicated at the top of the column. 7 Number of bookmakers offering joint best odds OR if only ONE, then the bookmaker as follows:
  • LAD Ladbrokes
  • WHL William Hill
  • COR Coral
  • 365 Bet365
  • PPO Paddy Power
  • BFD Betfred
  • BVC Bet Victor
  • SKY SkyBet
  • 888 888Sport
  • BFS Betfair Sport
  • SPB Sporting Bet
  • BOY Boylesports
  • BWY Betway
  • UNI Unibet
  • 188 188Bet
  • BFX Betfair
  • BDX Betdaq
  • SMX Smarkets
Saturday 4th April 2015
English Premier League
17:301.361.2911Chelsea5.362Stoke City12.513.5 SMX 102odds
15:002.642.75 BVC Everton3.253.252Southampton3.22.92102odds
15:003.252.42Leicester City3.33.5 BVC West Ham United2.583.252101odds
15:001.281.332Manchester United5.95.7 SMX Aston Villa1913 BVC 100odds
15:001.651.98 BVC Swansea City43.54Hull City7.24.6 SMX 101odds
15:001.651.76 SMX West Bromwich Albion43.752Queens Park Rangers6.85.52102odds
Sunday 5th April 2015
English Premier League
13:304.93.62Burnley3.753.57Tottenham Hotspur1.892.2 BVC 102odds
16:002.642.6 COR Sunderland3.33.254Newcastle United3.153.15101odds
Monday 6th April 2015
English Premier League
20:005.25.58Crystal Palace3.8548Manchester City1.841.72102odds
Tuesday 7th April 2015
English Premier League
19:452.152Aston Villa3.52Queens Park Rangers4 SKY 100odds
Saturday 11th April 2015
English Premier League
17:307 BVC Burnley4.334Arsenal1.57 SBO 101odds
15:001.62Southampton44Hull City7.5 BVC 101odds
15:002.752Sunderland3.3 SPB Crystal Palace2.92101odds
12:452.552Swansea City3.42Everton2.92103odds
15:001.57 SPB Tottenham Hotspur4.22Aston Villa6.54103odds
15:002.052West Bromwich Albion3.52Leicester City4.1 BVC 102odds
15:002.253West Ham United3.52Stoke City3.52102odds
Sunday 12th April 2015
English Premier League
16:002.553Manchester United3.48Manchester City2.85 SPB 104odds
13:3010 BVC Queens Park Rangers56Chelsea1.364104odds
Monday 13th April 2015
English Premier League
20:001.43 SPB Liverpool4.8 SPB Newcastle United9 BVC 102odds

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Best OddsOffered By
Manchester City26
Manchester United81
Leicester City95