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We launched version 3 of the site on 12th March 2015, here are a few notes to help you find your way around and also to highlight a number of new features. We will add more to this page as we field feedback etc. Firstly, it is a complete rewrite so all pages have been changed, but we have mantained and enhanced functionality. The secion on each channel lists some to get started with!

One of the biggest changes in this version is the navigation. As the site has grown, so has the importance to make the navigation fast. Refer to the diagram above and notes below to explain the functions.

A - Channel Menus

There are "fly-out" menus for the home pages and the four channels. We have made 'Ratings' it's own channel - hence the logo change - you can now compare four components!

B - Quick Navigation

This also provides an alternative to the Channel Menus (A.) for selecting competitions/teams and also provides navigation through past seasons for the current competition or team. The "Related" dropdown allows you to move to another channel with the same competition.

C - Menu Button & D - Menu Dropdown

The menus change to reflect the currently selected competition or team. There are two types of menu entry: (C. without an arrow) provides an immediate link for important pages and (D. with an arrow) provides a dropdown menu to select from. We never go lower than one dropdwon level.

E - Page Views

Many pages have different views into the same data, for example Overall, Home or Away. The view bar shows these options.

F - Help!

Hover over the "?" icon for some help on the specific page!

G - Preferences

You can set your odds preference straight away with the dropdown and configure more by clicking the preferences button next to it.

H - Site Search

We have added search - initially Google Site search, although we are looking at our own as well. You can click the buttons to the left of search as much as you LIKE :).

J - Getting Things Sorted!

Many tables can be sorted on various columns. Hover over this icon for an explanation of the sorting functionality.

K - and Getting More Detail

Many tables also allow you to drill down to the details behind a number; for example, on the Premier League table, if you click on Arsenal home wins, you'll get a popup with all of their wins at the Emirates. Hover over this icon for an explanation of the popup data functionality.

Main Stats Channel Changes

Statistics on any date allows any of our stats tables to be viewed after any match date - you will see the date selector on the top left of each table. You can sort almost any table and there are popup details behind almost every number.

Every match now has it's own page allowing you to analyse the teams at the time of the match. Any all of this is supported by our new Statto Graph server (SGS) which supplements the tables.

The All-Time tables can now be viewed over any range of seasons, including the Four-Division tables for England & Scotland.

Main Teams Channel Changes

We have completely rewritten the Head-To-Head pages so that it is much quicker to select the two teams in the general head-to-head or under a specific team, to select the opponent from a list. We've also added a season summary so you can also see a teams record across all competitions.

Main Odds Channel Changes

There are now 20 bookmakers and exchanges to choose from. We have enhanced the coupons so that bookmakers offering outright best odds are visible. There are now also more than ten coupon views.

The match stats page has more information available for pre-match analysis.

Main Ratings Channel Changes

Ratings is now it's own channel and now allows teams to be selected and compared as with other stats tables. It also features a popup graph of the Statto Index for each team.

Browser Support

We use our usage statistics to dictate our support for browsers and support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera & Safari as well as many of the mobile and tablet versions. Support is across Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems. IE support extends from IE8 upwards, although the site functions fine in all of these, there are a few display features that are not perfect in IE8 and less so in IE9. Finally, the site uses more JavaScript than before, so this is necessary to take full advantages of the features.


Well that is just some of the main changes, many of which were based on feedback we received - so keep the feedback coming!

The Statto.com Team