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Our primary Twitter feed that provides stats, milestones, records and much more covering mainly the Stats and Team channels of the site.


Our partner odds alert Twitter feed that provides information on teams that are being backed covering mainly the Odds and Ratings channels of the site. Tweets are more frequent especially closer to kick-off time. We only tweet Match Odds (12X or HAD) as other markets are related to these in general. We never alert a match more than once per hour.

We use the following notation in the tweets:

  • vs Opponent if the home team or a neutral match.
  • at Opponent if the away team.
  • Home Team draw if it applies to the draw.

Currently in Beta test, covers English Premier League, Championship, League One & Two.


Provided due to user demand.. Not a dedicated Facebook site but a copy of our primary Twitter feed (@StattoCom) for those that prefer to use Facebook.