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Launched in 1998, Statto.com is a major internet resource for the football statistician and betting enthusiast. The original data was provided by Tony Brown who we have worked with since 1996. This raw data has been much restructured and supplemented to provide the information required for this site. The database contains every English and Scottish League and Cup result since 1871 and additional data on numerous European leagues and International competitions, some 480,000 matches in all. A forecasting engine has been developed to process the vast quantities of data in the database to provide the betting analysis for the site. A live news feed keeps you up-to-date with events in the football world.

The Odds section provides access to forecast prices, produced by the forecasting engine using the unique Statto Index ratings. The Index currently covers 30+ leagues from the English Premier League to the Conference and Scottish and European leagues, plus all International teams - more than 750 teams. The Odds section also provides odds for 20 major bookmakers to compare and find the best prices, including specialist pages for betting exchanges. Over the season, more than 15,000 matches are forecast. The Stats section provides statistical analysis for every season since 1871 and allows custom tables to be compiled. More than 3,000 teams past and present have their own micro sites in the Teams section.

New Release, version 3.0 - 12th March 2015

This is the fourth major release of the site (including our earliest 0. version in 1998). It is a complete rewrite of all of the code - not a single line exists from version 2. The backend services have been gradually switched over to the new versions while v2 remained live and now the process is complete with the new Website on top. We have not tried to "re-invent the wheel", just add functionality, improve the interface and reduce the amount of code we have to maintain! We have updated our FAQ to include the basics of the changes and these will be updated as we field queries from users. Also, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Statto, March 2015