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2.36 Statto Index forecast odds for the selection indicated at the top of the column. 2.25 Bookmakers Best Odds for the selection indicated at the top of the column. 7 Number of bookmakers offering joint best odds OR if only ONE, then the bookmaker as follows:
  • LAD Ladbrokes
  • WHL William Hill
  • COR Coral
  • 365 Bet365
  • PPO Paddy Power
  • BFD Betfred
  • BVC Bet Victor
  • SKY SkyBet
  • 888 888Sport
  • BFS Betfair Sport
  • SPB Sporting Bet
  • BOY Boylesports
  • BWY Betway
  • UNI Unibet
  • 188 188Bet
  • BFX Betfair
  • BDX Betdaq
  • SMX Smarkets
Thursday 3rd September 2015
World Cup Asia
18:401.023Saudi Arabia26 BFS Timor-Leste71 BFS 103odds
16:151.161.11 PPO United Arab Emirates915 COR Malaysia36151 COR 97odds
12:001.031.023Australia4851 COR Bangladesh290151 COR 101odds
17:001.351.3 PPO Jordan5.26.52Kyrgyzstan1515299odds
12:351.121.1 PPO China10.5102Hong Kong6536 BFS 104odds
17:001.02 PPO Qatar56 COR Bhutan126 COR 101odds
15:301.032Iran20 PPO Guam51 PPO 104odds
16:001.351.1 BWY Oman4.813 PPO Turkmenistan2134 BFS 102odds
11:251.041.02 PPO Japan2985 SMX Cambodia180200 SMX 100odds
17:001.391.57 PPO Syria4.95.8 BFS Singapore1311290odds
13:301.081.032Iraq16.520 PPO Taiwan10051 PPO 104odds
18:001.491.25 PPO Kuwait4.46.5 BFD Myanmar9.815 BFS 102odds
12:001.031.02 PPO South Korea3856 COR Laos230151 COR 100odds
16:402.222.22Bahrain3.053.42North Korea4.63.5 BVC 103odds
15:001.11.252Uzbekistan12.562Yemen7513 BFS 104odds
Tuesday 8th September 2015
World Cup Asia
13:451.05 BFX Malaysia1.05 BFX Saudi Arabia1.05 BFX 286odds
15:001.05 BFX Palestine1.05 BFX United Arab Emirates1.05 BFX 286odds
13:001.05 BFX Bangladesh1.05 BFX Jordan1.05 BFX 286odds
14:0019 PPO Tajikistan8 PPO Australia1.14 365 105odds
13:001.05 BFX Hong Kong1.05 BFX Qatar1.05 BFX 286odds
12:351.05 BFX Maldives1.05 BFX China1.05 BFX 286odds
07:001.01 BFX Guam1.01 BFX Oman1.01 BFX 297odds
14:301.05 BFX India1.05 BFX Iran1.05 BFX 286odds
13:251.05 BFX Afghanistan1.05 BFX Japan1.05 BFX 286odds
12:301.05 BFX Cambodia1.05 BFX Syria1.05 BFX 286odds
12:001.05 BFX Taiwan1.05 BFX Vietnam1.05 BFX 286odds
13:001.05 BFX Thailand1.05 BFX Iraq1.05 BFX 286odds
13:001.05 BFX Laos1.05 BFX Kuwait1.05 BFX 286odds
15:001.05 BFX Lebanon1.05 BFX South Korea1.05 BFX 286odds
13:001.05 BFX Philippines1.05 BFX Uzbekistan1.05 BFX 286odds
17:001.05 BFX Yemen1.05 BFX Bahrain1.05 BFX 286odds

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