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Lionel Messi, forgiveness and the retirement that divided Argentina

The Barcelona forward is one of the greatest to have have played the game. But his international career highlighted the fraught marriage between football and country “Tonight, all the political programmes on TV are about football,” Ezequiel Fernandez Moores, Argentina’s leading sports columnist,…

Guardian  »  14h

Football transfer rumours: Arsenal's Héctor Bellerín to Barcelona?

Today’s tittle-tattle is sicka the high hat There aren’t too many rumours today, because the people of this green, unpleasant land are dealing in numbingly cold, hard facts about England’s ridiculousness. What a shower of clowns! The tabloids have found space for a bit of gossip, however, and…

Guardian  »  1d

Balague on Messi retirement

As the world of football reacts to Lionel Messi's retirement from international football , Guillem Balague assesses the Barcelona star's shock decision...  »  2d

Surely, this cannot be the sad end for Lionel Messi and Argentina?

Messi has said he will quit the international game after another final defeat but at 29 there is still time for a glorious ending and to emulate Diego Maradona The vast majority of lives, in football and elsewhere, end in failure. The poignant farewell, the reminder of the transitory nature of the…

Guardian  »  2d

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